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water jet


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Respected clients,

We are able to offer you water cutting service on a ater jet machine of last generation.
Water jet machine can cut nearly all types of materials, such as:

- stone;
- marble;
- granite;
- glass;
- rubber;
- plastics;
- steel;
- copper;
- aluminum;
- titanium;
- other types of metal and nonmetal.

The only limitation is at some lamellated materials where there is a risk of separation of lamelae (layers) but the number of such materials is small.

Working dimensions of Water jet machine are 2x4m, so that within these dimensions we can offer cutting of all of all types of flat materials, while the maximum thickness of materials than can be cut are:
- steel: 100-120mm
- marble, granite: 120-130mm;
- plastics: up to 200mm;

Water jet cutting allows great flexibility regarding the quality of cut so that you can choose from the roughest cut, where it is needed only to cut materials, to a finest cut, where it is neccessary to make a perfect cut, which almost doesn't require any additional processing, and the remaining 3 levels are transitions between the roughest and the finest cut. Maybe the best show you will get by viewing the following images, where you can simultaneously notice cutting quality:


The finest cut enables highest precision, but in the same time it is the most expencive one because of the slowest run, while lower levels of quality give a rougher cut and slightly lower accuracy, but are considerably cheaper.

Modern CAM software allows that even within an element you can choose the cutting quality for each segment in particular, which allows better optimization of both quality and price, while NEST software takes care of the maximum material utilization with the minimum waste.

Water jet cutting technology offers great or practically unlimited possibilities of cutting. CNC managementmodern software and the most modern techical solutions provide waterjet machine with tremendous flexibility and a big advantage over the other forms of cutting.

The biggest advantage is that while cutting materials doesn't come to its heating, which means that there is no change in mechanical or chemical properties of materials. Also, material strain during cutting is minimal so that the material keeps its physical properties. If all this is added a choice of fine cut, which sometimes doesn't require additional treatment, that ranks water jet technology ahead of its competition.

Also,there is a high accuracy, which ranges from 0.05 to 0.3mm, depending on the quality of the cut and the size of the element.

In terms of shapes that can be cut, there are almost no limits, or better said, the only limit is a man's imagination.

The elements can be cut from your or our material, according to the agreement. For larger quantities or serial production, we give 10 to 30% discounts.
For all services we give absolute guarantee of quality.

If you need our water jet cutting services,please send a request in .dwg or .dxf format on email:

Or contact us on any of the following phone numbers:

  • +381 35 8 430 128 - office;
  • +381 64 641 01 85 - office;
  • +381 66 211 110 - water jet;

Or visit us in person, and our adress is:

Almark D.o.o.

Miodraga Stanojlovića 18,

35227 Krušar, Srbija


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ALMARK D.O.O.; Miodraga Stanojlovića 18, 35227 Krušar, Srbija; Tel/Fax: +381 35 8 430 128; +381 64 641 01 85;

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